Current Initiatives


Rasch Cherry Orchard

17647 40th Ave, Conklin, MI 49403


Gold Barn Blueberries

15985 Quincy St, Holland, MI 49424

Bowerman Blueberries

15793 James St, Holland MI

Crossroad Blueberries

14315 Lake Michigan Dr, West Olive, MI 49460


August 25th – October 10th
Grange Apple Orchard

1900 13 Mile Road Northeast, Rockford, MI

Rasch Apple Orchard

17647 40th Ave, Conklin, MI 49403

Produce Donation

Visit the Grand Haven and/or Holland Farmers Market to participate in Produce Donation!

Market shoppers get a free Ottawa Food tote bag from the food pantry booth. Shoppers then purchase healthy fruits and vegetables from farmers market vendors, bring the produce back to the booth and all the produce gets donated to families in need. This program supports local growers and food insecure families.

Participating pantries are Love In Action, Harvest Stand Ministries, Salvation Army – Holland, and Community Action House. Find the Ottawa Food booth at the market:

Holland Farmer’s Market
Every Wednesday
June 1 – September 28

Grand Haven Farmer’s Market
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
June 8 & 22 | July 13 & 27 | August 10 & 24 | September 14 & 28

Produce Rescue

Every Saturday, Ottawa Food members glean produce from farmers market vendors. This means, any produce that did not get sold at the market, and will not last until the next market day, can be given to feed families in need.

Participating pantries provide a tax receipt to farmers that choose to freely give their left-over produce to hungry families. Participating pantries are Love in Action (Grand Haven) and Community Action House (Holland). This occurs at the end of the market every Saturday.

This effort is part of Ottawa Food’s mission to reduce food waste, increase low-income families’ access to healthy foods, and connect local farmers and food pantries.